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You can check the build version of the Web application, including the license information, and the version information of the Java or OS being used.

License information and version information about Wagby, Java, OS used, etc. are displayed.
You can view this screen only with an account with administrator privileges.

Figure 1 Displaying application information

If you are working with the free version, "It currently works as a free version on the screen."Is displayed.

After purchasing the license of the Wagby product version, this wording disappears by performing "license key registration".This allows you to determine if registration of the license key was successful.

Information on licenses7.9.1

Number of authentication connection licenses

It is effective in case of project license (purchase plan).Contract details (number) will be displayed.Unlimited development license is displayed as "unlimited".

Number of account licenses

It is effective for the project license (monthly plan).Contract details (number) will be displayed.This field is not displayed when unlimited development license is used.

Number of Internet connection licenses

The number of accounts that can be set as the default logon is displayed.Since it is not available in the project license development kit, "None" is displayed.

expiration date

The expiration date of this application will be displayed.Applications built with the trial kit will have an expiration date set.When using a paid license (project license or unrestricted development license), "-" is displayed.

Information on Wagby

The version number and date and time of the build are listed.

Information about Java

Java version, virtual machine information, Java home directory and various path information are described. Furthermore, it is possible to know the start time of this application and the elapsed time since it started running.

Also displays the engine name and version information of JavaScript running on the server side.R7.11

Information about OS

The name and version of the OS are listed.

Information about memory

Information on heap memory and non-heap memory is described.

Figure 2 Display of memory information

Information about the disc

The total capacity of the disk, free space, available capacity are listed.

Information about the network

The host name and address are listed.

The displayed information remains in the old environment

Despite updating Java, Java version information displayed is before updating.

Because the information at the time of registering Tomcat in the Windows service was displayed.

How to respond:
Please delete Tomcat registered in Windows service and reconfigure.