You can check statistics on the graph such as the number of logon successes, the number of allowable connections exceeded, the number of accounts that were session timed out.

Select "Statistical information" from the management processing menu.
You can specify the start date and end date and output the following information on a graph by month or 24 hours.

Logon success number
The number of successful logons.
Allowed Connection Excess Number
Number of logon failures due to excess license.If this value is large, please consider purchasing additional connection.
Session timeout
If you do not do anything for a while after logging on, you will be logged out forcibly.If this number is large, you may need to reconsider the session timeout setting.Please consult with the user.
Account Lock
Number account locked due to continuous failure of password input.
Reminder operation
Number of use of password reminder function.If this number is large, please investigate whether there are users who often forget your password.
Figure 1 Statistical information (Number of successful logon days per day)