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We introduce management functions Wagby standardly provides.

Various management functions are provided as standard in Wagby.

You can use these administrative functions by logging on to the system using "admin", the standard administrator account included in Wagby. In this chapter, these functions will be explained in detail.

Figure 1 Management Processing Menu
In addition to the admin account, this administrative function can be used if it is an account which gives "administrator authority".The method of giving administrator authority is explained on the "User account management function" page.

Please read "Repository> Portal".

Please read "Repository> Workflow".

You can check the defined model and number of stored data.You can also recalculate and resave the model including the automatic calculation formula using the "data maintenance" function.

Please read "Repository> Account".

Please read "Repository> Account".

Please read "Repository> Portal> Announcement portlet".

Please read "repository> mail sending".

Please read "Repository> Form".

Please read "Repository> Model definition> Lock method".

You can operate the import process (input data) and the export process (output data) to the database from the web browser.You can perform "backup" by saving the exported data to another media (DVD, BD, etc.).

You can check statistics on the graph such as the number of logon successes, the number of allowable connections exceeded, the number of accounts that were session timed out.

You can browse the contents of the log file (system.log) on ​​the screen by specifying the date, log level, and keywords.

You can check the build version of the Web application, including the license information, and the version information of the Java or OS being used.

Please read "Installation Guide> How to register the license key to the production machine".

You can check the currently logged-on user on the logon user administration screen and forcibly log out.

It is used when the administrator performs maintenance.If you enter the maintenance mode, users other than the administrator can not log on.