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You can notify the administrator if you use a disk that exceeds a certain "threshold".

You can monitor the disk capacity and set it to send mail to the administrator when a certain threshold is exceeded.

Figure 1 Job settings
  1. Log on with an account with administrator privileges.
  2. Open the "Job Management" "Job Schedule Search" screen from the menu.
  3. Click the "Register Screen" button to register a new job schedule.
  4. Select CheckDisk from the job name."Disk space check" is displayed in the explanation column below that.
  5. In the job parameter, write the command you want to execute.
  6. Specify the schedule.
  7. Check the "valid" flag.
  8. Enter the account "jobadmin" to run this job.
  9. Register the job schedule.The command will be executed at the specified time.

The following job parameters can be specified additionally.

Parameters Required Description An example
defaultCutoff Display a message in the log if you are using a disk that exceeds the specified number (an integer indicating percent) 90
(Displaying messages when using over 90%)

The execution result of the job is described in the log file (system.log).

If it meets the threshold condition, the following message will be displayed in the log.

Disk size is 77% full -- 769.15G of 999.53G used, 230.38G remain.

You can temporarily disable the job.

  1. Log on with an account with administrator privileges.
  2. Open the "Job" "Job Schedule Search" screen from the menu.
  3. Search the applicable "Job Schedule" and open the maintenance screen.
  4. Uncheck the "Enabled" flag and save it.
    Figure 2 Disable Job

You can send the job execution result by e-mail.

If you set the job parameter mail: doNotSendEmptyMessage to true, mail will not be sent if the message is empty (not exceeding the threshold value).

Multiple job execution can not be performed.

If you make a job start every minute, if execution of this job is not completed in 1 minute, a new job will not be executed.

Instead of specifying time, you can also run this job now.Please read "Job Immediate Execution".