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Wagby improves performance by caching the values ​​read from the database in memory. I will explain how to erase this cache information on a regular basis.

Try to execute arbitrary jobs.Since the one with less influence of the job itself is good, here we will take the "disk space monitoring" job as an example.

Figure 1 Job settings

Add cache to the key of the job parameter. For the value, specify the model you want to clear the cache with a space delimiter.

For example, to delete the caches of the customer_view model and the product_view model:

customer_view product_view

The cache of the specified model is cleared at the timing of this job execution.

The job execution account jobadmin can perform cache clear processing without the authority of general users and others.

The purpose of setting up this job is to use the view defined in the database as a model of Wagby.

Suppose a view may be updated (in a different way from Wagby).However, if the frequency is low, you can use the latest information regularly (not in real time) by clearing the cache of the model (entity is the view).