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The job function of Wagby is executed with an account dedicated to job execution.

"Wagby" has an account dedicated to job execution "jobadmin". This account has the following features.

  • It is excluded from the constraint of "password effective days".
  • You can not log on from the logon screen.(Because it is dedicated to job execution)


General accounts including system administrator are restricted by "Password effective days".(The standard is set to 90 days.This will change the password every 90 days.)

For job-only account "jobadmin", password valid days are invalidated.This avoids the trouble that the job does not work because you forgot to change the password periodically.

Job dedicated account "jobadmin" is disabled during initial installation.

This section explains how to activate this account.

  1. Open the list of accounts display screen from "Account List Display" of "Management Process" menu.Select the "jobadmin" account included when installing Wagby.
    Figure 1 Selecting jobadmin account
  2. "Jobadmin" From the account details display screen, it will transition to the update screen.
  3. The "Invalid" character is set in "Account lock information".I will clear it.(*)
  4. Select "Job only account" for principal.This makes this account exclusive for job execution.
    Figure 2 Setting up the jobadmin account
* If some kind of character (eg "invalid") is included in account lock information, you can not log on to the system with that account.

It is unnecessary to specify another principal (eg general user) if jobamin does not target the model (external command execution, file manipulation processing, etc.).

However,In the case of a job that operates on a specific model, it is necessary to give a principal to operate that model.In Figure 3, we set the principal of a general user.

Figure 3 Granting a principal to the jobadmin account
The export/import job can be executed only by the system administrator (admin).It can not be executed with the job execution account jobadmin.