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You can periodically delete files that are not referenced from any data.

The "file type" item provided by Wagby saves the actual file under the upload_dir folder. However, even if you deleted the data that refers to that file, Wagby will not immediately delete the entity of the file.

You can use this job to periodically delete unreferenced files.

Add the parameter unlinkfile to the export job.

Parameter name Description Description example
unlinkfile Specify one of delete, move: (destination folder), show. move:/home/wagby/removefiles

I will explain details of each designation.


Delete unreferenced files. Information on which files were deleted is recorded at the log level INFO.


Moves unreferenced files to the specified folder. Separate after move with ":" (colon) and specify the destination folder. The destination folder specified here is prepared in advance and must be writable.

A folder for each model is automatically prepared for the specified destination folder.

Information on which file was moved is recorded at the log level INFO.


Information on which file is to be deleted is recorded with the log level INFO.

  • The folder to be deleted conforms to the contents specified in wagbyapp \ webapps \ wagby \ WEB - INF \ classes \
  • For other parameter specification methods, please refer to the export job.