Support > Administrator's guide (R7) > ZIP compression (original file preservation) job

You can zip specific files (or folders). The original compressed file / folder remains without being deleted.

Unlike "ZIP compression (original file deletion)", ZIP compression job (retain original file), the compressed original file/folder remains without being deleted.Otherwise it is treated the same as "ZIP compression (original file deletion)".

  1. Log on with an account with administrator privileges.
  2. Open the "Job Management" "Job Schedule Search" screen from the menu.
  3. Click the "Register Screen" button to register a new job schedule.
  4. Select "ZipArchiveKeepFile" from the job name.Zip compression (original file preservation) "is displayed in the explanation column below that.
  5. Write job parameters.
  6. Specify the schedule.
  7. Check the "valid" flag.
  8. Enter the account and password to run this job.Please read "Preparation: Enable job execution account" for setting job execution account.
  9. Register the job schedule.The job will be executed at the specified time.