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You can check the defined model and number of stored data. You can also recalculate and resave the model including the automatic calculation formula using the "data maintenance" function.

You can check the model definition included in this application and the number of data included in each model. Select "Model definition> Confirm definition model" from the management processing menu.

Figure 1 Definition model list

Information on the displayed model includes models created independently by developers and models provided by the system.

If you set the "Include automatic calculation formula" in "Relational database details - Store values ​​in database in registration" setting, it may be necessary to update existing data one by one at an arbitrary timing.Specifically, it is the case as follows.

  • When rebuilding and importing data are done by adding or changing the item of automatic calculation and initial value to the definition file after operation.
  • When data of individual models are registered in order using CSV upload update function.

The "data maintenance" function recalculates and resaves the data for each model.This saves you the trouble of manually updating the data one by one.

be careful:
Before using this function, please export the data.If it becomes unexpected value by recalculation, it is required to be able to recover promptly.


This function is currently required to restart the web application.(We plan to be able to run without rebooting in future Wagby.Please follow the procedure below for the current version.
  1. Stop the running web application.
  2. Open wagbyapp/webapps/wagby/WEB-INF/web.xml file with a text editor.
  3. The following description is in the vicinity of line 30 of the same file.
    Fix this as follows (add red part).Please copy and paste the inside of param-value and use it.
      <param-value>/WEB-INF/applicationContext.xml /WEB-INF/wagby-servlet.xml</param-value>
  4. Restart the web application.

Operating procedure

  1. Switch to maintenance mode.This is to prevent other users from updating the data during recalculation.
  2. Select "Model Definition> Data Maintenance".The screen shown in Figure 2 is displayed.
    Figure 2 Data Maintenance Screen
    The model displayed here includes initial values ​​or automatic calculation formulas and is limited to definitions containing items to be stored in the database.If such a model does not exist, the model to be a choice is not displayed.
  3. Select which model to recalculate and press the "recalculate" button provided at the left end of the target line.
  4. A confirmation screen for recalculation is displayed.(Fig. 3) Press the "Recalculate" button.It takes time proportional to the number of data to recalculate.
    Fig. 3 Recalculate
  5. When necessary recalculation processing is over, the maintenance mode is ended.

Handling of fixed value (update user, update time)

In the recalculation processing, "fixed value (update user)" and "fixed value (update time)" are not changed.(Maintain the values ​​on the database.)

If you want to update this, please enable each checkbox in Figure 3.The user who performed recalculation processing and the update time will be set respectively.

Operation after completion of work

  1. Stop the web application.
  2. Undo the editing of web.xml as described in "Preparation".
  3. Restart the web application.