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You can check the currently logged-on user on the logon user administration screen and forcibly log out.

In this screen, you can check "Account" "Time logged on" "Time last accessed" in the list.
By clicking the "Refresh Screen" button, you can display the latest logon status.

Figure 1 Logon user administration screen

In Figure 1, you can forcibly log off the logged on account by clicking on the "Disconnect" button.

This is useful when you want to release an account of a user who is holding a seat with an update lock on it so that other users can update it.

In the disconnection operation, it is recorded in the log (system.log) as follows.

[INFO jp.jasminesoft.jfc.LogonStatusManager removeUserName] (admin@localhost) JFC-90003:アカウント suzuki がセッションから除かれました。

Give the logon account a "disconnect" principal.You can disconnect with that account.

The system administrator (admin) can use this function by default.

Prepare an account that only disconnects

Create a dedicated account (optional name).At this time, set only "change password" and "disconnect" to the principal.(Setting this other principal does not treat this account as special.)

Even if the number of concurrent connections reaches the limit, you can only log on to this account.You can perform disconnection processing.