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You can send the job execution result by e-mail.

Specify the following job parameters additionally.

Parameters Required Description An example
mail:to Destination address.
mail:from Source address.
mail:host Mail host.When omitting, use standard setting value.
mail:protocol Specify the protocol.It can be described as smtp or smtps.The default is smtp.If smtps is specified, it will be communication with SMTP over SSL. smtps
mail:auth Specify SMTP authentication.trueSpecify to activate. true
mail:auth_user User name for SMTP authentication.
mail:auth_password Password for SMTP authentication.
mail:subject Title of the mail.Default is "Message from Wagby Job Manager". Execution result of command XXX
mail:cc Cc: Address.You can specify more than one blank space.
mail:bcc Bcc: Address.You can specify more than one blank space.
mail:doNotSendEmptyMessage true If you specify, if no logs are found, it will not send mail.When omitted false (Always send mail). true
mail:setErrorMessage This is a parameter added in R7.6.From R7.6, when a run-time error occurs in the job for which mail transmission settings have been made, an email with the error content in the body will be sent.This valuefalseIf you do, empty the body of the mail at the time of error.When omittedtrue(Include the error contents in the body). true
interval Check the logs at specified time intervals. For example, if you specify 3h, I will check the log every 3 hours.The unit specifies either h (hour) or m (minute).The upper limit is 24h (or 1440m).If specification exceeding the upper limit is made, this job will be an error and will not be executed.(*) 2h

There is no specification of mail: body.Also, you can not specify attachments.

You can not use placeholders to specify each item because it is not associated with a specific model.

It is not possible to mix h and m.Specification of 1h 30 m is invalid.

Mail does not arrive

Please confirm whether your mail software does not recognize it as spam mail.