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Application development with Wagby is done using a repository (design information) design tool called WagbyDesinger. This section explains how to start and stop WagbyDesigner.

The procedure for starting WagbyDesigner is as follows.

  1. When Wagby is installed, a launch icon is prepared on the desktop.Run this (by double clicking).
    Figure 1 WagbyDesigner activation icon
    (Please change version number properly)
  2. The console starts and various messages are displayed.
    Figure 2 Running startup.bat
    At the end of the message

    Information: Server startup in XXX ms

    The character "*" is output (* 1).WagbyDesigner is now started (* 2).
  3. Launch the web browser (Google Chrome).From the address bar, make the following entries:
    Specify localhost as the host name.(* 3) Port number is standard8920Use.
    When operating from a Web browser on another machine,localhostPlease substitute the IP address or host name of the PC that launched WagbyDesigner.(*4)
    WagbyDesigner works with Google Chrome.Other browsers are not supported.
  4. The logon screen shown in Figure 3 is displayed.(If it is not displayed like this, please perform screen reload processing.)
    Figure 3 Open WagbyDesigner from Web browser
  5. The initial account immediately after installationuserIs provided.(Password is also the same)
    Figure 4 Logging on with the initial account user
  6. Upon successful logon, the menu screen in Figure 5 is displayed.
    Figure 5 WagbyDesigner initial screen after logon
1. The XXX part contains the time (milliseconds) required for startup.
2. The virus check program may issue a warning at startup.In this case, please allow "WagbyDesigner" program and start the application.
3. If you can not connect even if you specify localhost, change the localhost part to and try it.
4. When operating from another machine, the firewall may block access via the LAN.Please change the setting of the firewall and allow operation.

The procedure for stopping WagbyDesigner is as follows.

  1. Click "Log off" at the right end of the WagbyDesigner menu.This will return you to the logon screen.
    Figure 6 Logoff button
  2. Execute (double click) the WagbyDesigner stop icon prepared on the desktop after installation.
    Figure 7 Stopping WagbyDesigner

If you stop WagbyDesigner, you will not be able to operate from the web browser.

Please read "Frequently Asked Questions and Answers> When Using Unix-like Operating Systems".

If you did not operate as described above, please read "Frequently Asked Questions and Answers> Tutorial".