I will explain how to register and delete models using WagbyDesigner.

Select "Model" from the WagbyDesigner menu.There are two tabs "user" and "system", but the model to be newly developed is stored in the "user" tab.

As shown in Figure 1, select "New model" from the gear icon.As shown in Figure 2, the definition screen for the new model opens.

Figure 1 Defining a new model
Figure 2 Definition screen of new model
There is no (theoretical) limit on the number of models that can be created.

"Model name" is the name displayed on the screen (and menu).
"Model ID" is used as the database table name and the identifier in the generated source code.
You can not use Japanese (hiragana, katakana, Chinese numerals) for model ID.Please use alphanumeric characters.

Figure 3 Setting the model name and model ID

Changing the model name and model IDImmediately reflected in the repositoryIt will be.At the timing of the build, the source code is regenerated using the changed name.

Display the model list from the "Model" menu.Check the model you want to delete.

Figure 4 Check the model you want to delete

Select "Delete" from the gear icon.

Figure 5 Selecting deletion processing

A confirmation dialog will be displayed. Click the "OK" button.

Figure 6 Delete confirmation dialog

The model has been deleted.

Figure 7 Model deleted