Describe how to realize requirements required by the application, such as specifying required items, calculating formulas, and setting initial values.

First, let's designate "customer name" of customer model as mandatory item.
Open the definition of the customer model.Click the "details" button of "customer name".

Figure 1 Setting details of customer name

Activate the "required" field on the "Input check" tab.

Figure 2 Specifying mandatory check

Let's display the number of repeating containers of the business daily report model.Set Wagby's automatic calculation formula.

Open the definition sheet of the business daily report model.Insert items between "person in charge" and "visit history", and set the "number of visits" item shown in Fig. 3.

Item name (Japanese) Item name (English) Item type
Visits visitcount Numerical value
Figure 3 Definition of number of visits

Press the "Details" button.Set the following formula to "Automatic calculation" in the detail tab.

Figure 4 Calculation formula setting

Expression is enclosed in $ {and}.COUNT is a function provided by Wagby and counts the number of repeated containers.

If there is an error in the formula, a warning will be displayed.Figure 5 shows a case where the closing parenthesis is insufficient.

Figure 5 Calculation formula setting (on error)

Let's set the initial value of the "date" item of the support model to be today's date.

Open the details of the "Date" item of the support model.On the "Initial value" tab, fill in the following formula in "When registering screen is displayed".

Fig. 6 Expression at registration screen display

TODAY () is provided by Wagby.I will return today's date.

Let's make the "content" item of the support model a text area instead of a normal text input field.This will allow you to enter multiple lines, including newlines.

Open the details of the "content" item of the support model.On the "Input control" tab, select "Text area" as "Type of input item".

Figure 7 Selecting the type of input item

Set the number of lines and the number of characters in "text area" setting prepared below that.

Figure 8 Setting the number of lines and number of characters

As before, I stop, build, and restart the Web application. After logging on to the application, import historical data.

Confirm required items

Open the new customer model registration screen.You can see that the label of the customer name has changed to red.This indicates that the item was mandatory.If you try to enter the next entry with this field blank, the input check will be applied in real time.

Fig. 9 Customer name item is a mandatory item

Confirm formula

When registering a new business daily report model, you can see that the total number of repeated containers is set in the "number of visits" item.

Figure 10 Visit count item added

Items to which the formula is applied are read-only.

Figure 11 Read-only on registration/update screen

Confirmation of initial value

Open the new registration model of support model.You can see that today's date is set as the initial value in the date field.

Figure 12 Initial Value of Date Item

Confirm text area

Also in the support model new registration screen, you can see that the text area has been applied to the content item.

Figure 13 Content item is text area

In the next chapter, I will explain the detailed function of WagbyDesigner which I did not mention here.

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