Describe the folder structure of Wagby installed.

WagbyDesigner is a development tool for entering specifications of applications to be developed.The entered setting values ​​are managed in the form of a repository.The development by Wagby is mainly the operation of WagbyDesigner.The body of WagbyDesigner is included in the "wagbydesigner" folder in the installation folder.This is a web application.

A repository is design information of an application.The value entered by WagbyDesigner is saved in the "repository" folder in the installation folder.

The repository folder also has trunk and branches.The branches store the backed up files.Trunk becomes the "current" build target repository.

With "Migration Tool", the current trunk will be renamed to the folder called trunk_ date time.Afterwards, the migrated repository becomes the new trunk.(That is, the trunk before migration is always saved.)

Building a working web application from the current repository (design information) is called build.Build is done from WagbyDesigner menu.The build process includes a series of tasks such as generating and compiling the Java source code corresponding to the repository, and deploying (copying the compiled file to the appropriate location).

Differential Build

For normal development, please choose a differential build.Since the source code is generated for the changed amount from the previous build, the build time can be shortened.

Full Build

When completing as an application for production operation, please do a full build.Full package is required even if you change the package name or change the database.

In addition, even if a build error occurs during development and it can not be resolved, the problem may be solved by full build (because unnecessary files are removed).

The Web application generated by the build is the wagbyapp folder in the installation folder.Every time you build, this content changes.

When using the completed web application on the production machine, zip the wagbyapp folder and copy it to the production machine.

Processes that can not be expressed in the repository can be described directly in Java, which is a general-purpose programming language.Save the created program in the customize folder in the installation folder.This folder does not exist immediately after installation, it will be prepared once you do the build process.

Please read the Wagby Developer Network for rules to save to the customize folder.

One data registered in the generated Web application can be output as one file (XML format file).This is called export.The exported file is saved in the export folder.

Folder details

Folder rules are as follows.


It returns to the state right after the build.It is usually specified when initializing the table (completely erasing the data).


It holds the data of the previous application.If you forget the export process before building, you can restore it using this data_build.

In case of a build error, data_build is not prepared.
If the model definition does not change before and after the build, data_build will not be provided.(Example: after building full build, did not change the model definition, did a difference build, etc.)
data_build is not always available.Therefore, apart from data_build, it is a good idea to export the current value before building.


This is the folder that is prepared when exporting manually.The folder name includes the date and time at the time of export.

If the generated Web application contains "file type items", an upload_dir folder will be prepared in the installation folder after the build.The uploaded file is saved in this folder.

Wagby does not store files uploaded as file type items in the BLOB type of the database.Only the file name is stored in the database, and the file body is managed on the OS.When retrieving data backup, please also include the export folder and this upload_dir folder.

In this tutorial, I learned how to write basic design information of Wagby.I also learned that I can develop applications (without programming) by writing design information.

In the next tutorial, I will explain how to proceed with Wagby application design.