For each input screen, check processing and input support function are introduced.

Wagby has "input filter" function enabled for all input items.For example, all half-width Kana characters are converted into full-width Kana characters and then stored in the database.

This function eliminates the "input fluctuation" of data, and unified data will be accumulated.Search accuracy also improves.

Figure 1 Setting of input filter

But this feature can also cause problems.For example, when referring to the same table from an external system or when passing data entered by Wagby to an external system, there is a case that the characters converted by the filter are inconsistent.

In such a case, please make the input filter function "minimum".

Wagby has various input check functions as parts.We will make settings to enable these. Some input checks are done in real time.

Figure 2 Real-time input check example
Check function Description
Regular expression You can use regular expression expressions to specify a string pattern to be registered.
Required There is a method of always entering mandatory check and a method of keeping warning display.
Prohibited character string You can specify a character string (prohibited character string) that does not allow registration.
word count I will explain how to check the number of input characters.
Same item value Determine whether two items are equivalent.For example, you can use this function when you want to provide "confirmation input field" when entering a mail address.
range You can specify the range that can be entered for numeric type and date type.
Comparison of other items For numeric and date type items, you can specify a constraint condition such that the value of one item is "bigger" or "smaller" than the value of another item (in the same model).
User defined You can perform original input check using arbitrary expressions.You can also write a message when an error occurs.
Allowable character type You can check if it consists only of characters specified by allowable character types.For example, you can make settings such as input errors except for katakana and blanks.

"Expression" can be described by user definition

For user-defined checks, you can write judgment processing using expressions and functions provided by Wagby.For example, if item salesvalue is a value greater than 1000, else it is an error, write as follows.

VALUE(${salesvalue}) > 1000

By using expressions, various checks can be realized with just design information (without customization).

The following example is a setting to disable input when conditions are met.

Figure 3 Input of cause item becomes impossible

In addition, you can use various input support functions such as "Specify maximum number of characters to enter" and "Handle Enter key".

Confirm that the set input check and input support function operate.

In addition, when input checking and input support behavior which can not be realized with Wagby's standard function is required, record it as a customization theme.

Wagby's skills required to do so far are as follows

The next chapter goes on to design the screen layout.We will enter the stage of review with the staff in charge of the site.