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You can select and use various functions provided by Wagby. All are provided as standard functions, so please set them according to the application.

Multiple users log on at the same time and use Wagby.You can grant "authority" for each logon account.You can limit the data that can be viewed depending on the presence or absence of authority and restrict the operation.

You can display models with dates in calendar format.Various business models such as "schedule" "business report" "vacation application" can be displayed on one calendar, making it easier to grasp the flow of work.

You can summarize accumulated data and display it on a graph.

Note that Wagby's aggregation/graph function is not as sophisticated as an analysis and visualization tool called BI tool.However, since Wagby is a table that all defined models are accessible from the outside, it can easily work with these BI tools.For business requirements that are missing with Wagby's standard functions, you can cover by cooperating with external tools.

You can display data with address items on the map.(Links with external map service.)

Workflow can be applied to the model designed by Wagby.

You can send mail at any timing (automatic or manual).Mail body can be added/edited while the system is running.

Using the mail reception function, you can register to the database via e-mail.

You can prepare a portal screen on the top page after logging on.

Smartphone dedicated screen can be prepared.

Wagby is compatible with internationalization.By translating the item names and messages displayed on the screen, you can build applications for various countries.

You can customize themes that are not included in Wagby's standard functions by customized development.For example, there are the following.

  • Transaction processing (updating across multiple models)
  • Data import from core systems.
  • Cooperation with another system.Including ERP cooperation.
  • Complex business logic.Including linkage with BRMS and stored procedure call.
  • Implementation of screen transition different from standard.
  • Complex screen layout, screen operation.
  • PDF form output by cooperation with external form system.
  • Various analysis and report output by cooperation with BI tool.

These implementations are various.Basically, it handles by using programming languages ​​such as Java and JavaScript, but there are methods such as cooperation with non-programming tools of other companies.Wagby sales partners have their own expertise, so please contact us by all means.

Cooperation with tools (ER diagram creation tool) that supports upstream processes and test automation tools can also be considered.Since Wagby discloses technical information, it is also easy to collaborate with external systems.

Wagby has the following nonfunctional requirements as standard:

  • Logon account management
  • Importing and exporting data
  • Output and view system log
  • Operation support job (external command execution, automatic import/export, various file operations)
  • Graph output of operational statistical information
  • Clustering supported

The logon function can also enable settings such as "Active Directory integration", "single sign-on", "default logon".

Application developed by Wagby is not limited to OS.It works on various platforms such as Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.(Multiplatform)

In addition to representative commercial database products such as Oracle, SQL Server, and DB2, the correspondence database also supports open source PostgreSQL, MySQL.

Applications developed with Wagby can also be operated in the cloud environment.You can choose both on-premise and cloud.

Wagby is still evolving.We are adding functions at once every three months and there is a possibility that future missing functions will be realized with Wagby in the future.Because the design information (repository) is an asset, if you migrate the repository to a new Wagby and build it, you will be able to use the new function.

The evolutionary platform Wagby is trying to realize is the future image of enterprise application development. Please use Wagby as a representative product of domestic products that realizes "development without writing programs" by all means.

Next step

Wagby's design information (repository) description method is published as an online manual.It is the system engineer's responsibility to consider how to express your own business requirements as Wagby's repository.From here on please read the online manual.