The first step in designing behaviors is screen transition. We will design around Wagby's standard screen transition.

In Wagby, standard screens and their transitions are available from the beginning. The developer can design the screen transition by selecting "which screen to use".

Figure 1 Standard screen transition

In the following cases, it may be better not to use the registration screen or update screen.

  • I use an existing table.
  • Data is fetched from an external system.
  • I would like to limit the input system to the collective registration process of the CSV/Excel file instead of the screen.

You may also want to disable the delete button.

Multiple registration/update/detail screens can be prepared for one model.Wagby allows you to define the relationship "(one) main model" and "(multiple) sub model".

Figure 2 Main model and submodels

Multiple screens can be prepared, but the model exchanging data itself is one.In the database, a common table is used for the main model and the submodel.

Since the submodel is in the subset relation of the main model, you can delete existing items (except for the primary key) and reduce them, but you can not add new items that are not in the main model. Also, when defining a submodel, do not change the item name (English) and item type, and adjust them to the main model.

In the search screen, you can set the initial value of the search condition and make automatic screen transition according to the search result.
In the list display screen, you can prepare a list update screen that uses the list display as update mode.
On the registration/update screen you can prepare a confirmation screen.

In this way, we can also change the behavior of various screens Wagby offers by design information.

Wagby has "calendar view" which grasps data in chronological order, "map view" grasped on spatial axis, and "summary view" are prepared.However, you do not have to use these views at this stage.

These views can be enabled immediately by configuration, but at this stage there are other things left to decide, and if view is enabled, the time required for building will increase, so do not rush There is a reason that it is also good.

You may be required to change the next screen transition destination depending on the value of the item "I want to add a button for screen transition".

All of these correspond at the stage of customized design.At the moment, if we find requirements, we keep it as a theme of customization.

Please be careful

Wagby does not assume operations that opened multiple tabs (or multiple windows) at the same time.It is a screen transition that the screen is switched every processing.

In the future Wagby there is a possibility to prepare a screen transition that opens multiple tabs.However, please understand that it is not so at the present time.

In the review at this stage, I confirm that it is a unified feeling behavior.

Screen operation with a sense of unity lowers the learning cost for users.There is an effect to get familiarized quickly after release.

Wagby's skills required to do so far are as follows

The next chapter finally enters the finishing of each screen.Design input control from input check.