Support > Tutorial (R8)

I will explain how to use Wagby in a tutorial format. Please read after installing Wagby.

  1. Starting and stopping WagbyDesigner
  2. Starting and stopping Wagby application
  1. Create a customer model
  2. Prepare options
  3. Prepare item insertion/repeat items
  4. Item (repeat container)/model reference
  5. Foreign key
  6. Lookup
  7. Usability improvement
  1. Model operation
  2. Working with model items
  3. Details of folder structure

Other pages on how to operate Wagby Designer

"Repository> Tools> Repository backup and restore"

"Repository> Tuning> Adjust memory size at build time"

This section explains the development procedure using the external database.(Please read the available external databases here.)

  1. Obtaining and arranging the JDBC driver
  2. Database setup and build
  3. Initializing the table
  4. Correspondence when changing model definition

After learning the tutorial all the way, I will explain the procedure of how to design the company's business with Wagby.

  1. modeling
  2. a formula
  3. Screen transition
  4. Input check/Input control
  5. Screen/form layout
  6. Implementation and customization of optional functions, operation

If more than one developer is involved in a project, you need to share the repository.Here I will explain that way of thinking.

  1. Concept of repository sharing
  2. Usage example of Git