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Wagby keeps information on which file was updated each time it is automatically generated. I will explain how to confirm it.

For automatic generation by Wagby, the srcgen.csv file is always updated in the wagbydesigner/webapps/wagbydesigner/WEB - INF/env/work/srcgen folder.Content is as follows.

Full Build Time


Differential build time


The keywords "keep" "update" "insert" "delete" are given at the beginning of each generated line. The meaning of each is as follows.

keyword Contents
keep It is a file that has not changed in this build.
update It is a changed file.
insert It is a newly added file.
delete It is a deleted file.

By checking this keyword, you can see which file was changed.

Grep command

UNIX OS users can use the grep command.
The following example is an operation to find the file list other than keep (that is, changed).

grep -v "^keep" srcgen.csv
It is specified that the beginning of the line is other than keep.

FINDSTR command

For the Windows OS you can use the FINDSTR command instead of the grep command.Please operate from the console.

FINDSTR /V "^keep" srcgen.csv