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Wagby Developer Network introduces Wagby's internal technical information and customization method.

Wagby isThe generated source code can be customizedIt is designed to be.You can also change design information after customization.

As much as possible, applications are automatically generated from design information, while complementing complicated business processing, batch processing, and behaviors beyond the standard specification by programming.

Figure 1 Various customization methods

Realization of customization by standard technology

Wagby does not provide its own language.Customization to Wagby can be realized by using well-known standard techniques.

The underlying technological elements are JavaScript, CSS, REST API, Java.You can customize Wagby by devoting developers with experience of using these.

To customize the screen generated by Wagby, edit JSP, JavaScript, CSS file.

Wagby can be used as a server of REST API.

By doing this, you can prepare your own front end (screen) that makes full use of element technologies such as .NET, PHP, Perl, Ruby or iOS, Android and develop applications to communicate with Wagby via REST API.

Fig. 2 REST API utilization image

Server side JavaScript has the flexibility to be able to add and modify business logic without building.

It is explained as "script" in the manual.For details, refer to "Repository> Business logicPlease read.

Java is used for complicated task processing, database update, batch processing, external system linkage, etc. You can manage the source code generated by Wagby as a project of Eclipse and proceed with development.

List of open source libraries Wagby ships with