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"Common processing" in the menu is always displayed. I will explain a method for hiding this. (Note: The method described here is a preliminary version and we plan to be able to set it from Designer in the future Wagby.) R7.9.1

This setting can not be done from Wagby Designer.Edit the repository file directly.

Open the project.txt file in the repository/trunk folder with a text editor.(Please do not use Windows Notepad.)

Figure 1 project.txt file

Add it to the last part of the repository starting with project/customize.

Figure 2 Editing the project.txt file (1)

Add the following two lines and save the file.


Leave blank on the right side of equal.

Figure 3 Editing the project.txt file (1)

Save the file and do the build process.

The "Common Processing" tab of the menu is hidden.

Figure 4 Execution result

By entering directly in the address bar, you can open the "Preferences" and "Change Password" screens respectively.

  • http://localhost:8921/wagby/
  • http://localhost:8921/wagby/

When undoing

Delete the two lines added to project.txt,Full BuildPlease do.