I will explain how to restore the changed specifications in R 7.8.

In R 7.8, the string representation of the compound key internally held by Wagby is $ From $SEP$ It was changed to.

R 7.8 or earlier After R7.8
Primary key 1 $ primary key 2 $ primary key 3 .. Primary key 1 $ SEP $ primary key 2 $ SEP $ primary key 3 ..

This change will change the automatically generated code."$" Which was hard-coded in the source code so far will be PrimaryKeyUtils.PKEY_SEPARATOR ().If there is this part in the customized source code, please replace it properly.

Revert to old behavior

The return value of PrimaryKeyUtils.PKEY_SEPARATOR ()$SEP$However, this is the value before R 7.8$You can make it return.

  1. Open wagbydesigner/bin/webpage/WEB-INF/src/jfcbase.properties with a text editor.
  2. Find the next entry.
    ; jp/jasminesoft/jfc/PrimaryKeyUtils.java
    ;   old-fashioned (R7.0.0..R7.7.2 pattern)
  3. It excludes the head comment.Change the value of jp.jasminesoft.jfc.PrimaryKeyUtils.oldfashioned totruewill do.
    ; jp/jasminesoft/jfc/PrimaryKeyUtils.java
    ;   old-fashioned (R7.0.0..R7.7.2 pattern)
  4. Save this file.
  5. In addition, copy this file to wagbydesigner/webapps/wagbydesigner/WEB-INF/classes.
  6. I will do a full build.

If you make this change, the automatically generated code is equivalent to R7.8, but the delimiter "$" will be used.