I will explain how to customize the message string provided by Wagby.

You can change the resource file shown below.

file name Contents My file name
jfcapp_XX.properties.UTF8 Internationalized correspondence message is stored.For details, please read "Repository> Internationalization". myjfcapp_XX.properties.UTF8
errormsg_XX.properties.UTF8 It stores internationalized error messages. myerrormsg_XX.properties.UTF8
errormsgconv_XX.properties.UTF8 Contains messages that converted individual database errors. myerrormsgconv_XX.properties.UTF8
savedir.properties.UTF8 Contains the save destination path of the file using the file type item. mysavedir.properties.UTF8
MimeMailUtilities.properties.properties.UTF8 You can specify additional configuration information on mail sending and receiving.[Usage example ...] myMimeMailUtilities.properties.UTF8

As a change method, prepare "my file" corresponding to each resource file.The content described here isOverwriteIt will be. Also, if the resource does not exist originallyAdditional notesIt will be.

An example

I will prepare myjfcapp_en.properties.UTF8 file.We will have the following contents.


The first line overwrites the existing key.
The second line is a key that does not exist.Missing keys are merged (integrated).

In addition to the above files, all resource files located in wagbydesigner/webapps/wagbydesigner/WEB - INF/env/work/resources/can be changed.Each "my file name" is the one to which "my" is attached at the head of the target resource file.

Change it by the following method.

  1. Save the changed file in the customize/resources folder.
    Example: customize/resources /myjfcapp_ja.properties.UTF8 Place files.
  2. Build.

What is done internally

In the above example, the wagbyapp/webapps/wagby/WEB-INF/classes/jfcapp_ja.properties file included in the build folder has been changed.Similarly for other resource files, relevant files will be changed appropriately.

important point

  • You can not use the notepad attached to the Windows OS.(To be precise, it must be saved in "format without BOM".)