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There are two methods of updating. In this section, we will explain how to lock, update and unlock data collectively in one process. R7.5.1

We will send data including the primary key of the target data.

@RequestMapping(value="/rest/[modelid]/edit/{pkey}", method=PUT, headers="Content-Type=application/x-www-form-urlencoded")

URL Example


Request description

Specify parameters similar to the form screen.(However, since the primary key is included in the URL, specify update data excluding the primary key.)


Here is an example of the content of the return.

 "entityp": {
   "customerid_": {
     "formatted_": null,
   "name_": {
     "formatted_": null,
   "email_": [
       "id_": 1,
       "priority_": null,
       "content_": null,
 "errors": {
   "jfcinfo": [],
   "jfcwarn": [],
   "jfcdebug": [],
   "jfcerror": []
 "pkey": null,
 "entity": {
   "customerid_": 1000,
   "name_": "Satou",
   "email_": []

This API is supposed to be used in conjunction with "automatic logon". Specifically, by calling the update API by setting "X - Wagby - Authorization" in the request header, we can realize the flow of logon & update & logoff at once.