By default the REST API is disabled. You can enable the REST API for each model.

Open "Screen> Other> REST" of the model for which you want to enable the REST API.Check "Enable model REST API".

Figure 1 Using the REST API

Here we will examine the behavior of the REST API using POSTMAN, a plugin for Google Chrome.

  1. Start Wagby application.
  2. Log on with one of the accounts.
  3. Prepare POSTMAN on another tab of Google Chrome.
    Fig. 2 Activating POSTMAN
  4. Enter the URL for the REST API and press the "Send" button.The result (JSON) is displayed at the center of the screen.
    Fig. 3 Operation confirmation of REST API by POSTMAN
Please log on to Wagby application and use POSTMAN.REST API can not be used without logging on.
Figure 4 "401 Unauthorized" is returned in case of authentication error