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The built Wagby application may output the file.This is summarized.

folder Description An example Delete
wagbyapp/temp Caching information of database search results (Package name) Application
When finished
Process result file and error result file at CSV upload update process_modelXXXXX.csv
When finished
Temporary file of CSV download.When XLS or XLSX format is selected as the output format, a temporary file is created. DbDownloadProcessorImpl_XlsXXXXX.ser down
When finished
wagbyapp/work Work directory of Tomcat.JSP compilation information is output. Class file (*1)
Wagbyapp/upload_dir/user ID Files uploaded during CSV upload are temporarily saved. CSV file up
When finished
Wagbyapp/upload_dir/model ID When registering a file type item, the file is uploaded to this folder.The file is transferred to the server at the timing when the file is selected by the browser, not when the save screen button is pressed. (Uploaded file) (*2)(*3)
WEB-INF/idxdir/model name
Index file when full text search is usedIs output. (Index file) (*4)
When adding/modifying the workflow flow pattern, the flow definition file is output. *.xml (*5)
Form When selecting to save to server as output method in Excel/PDF form is selected, it is output to specified part. (Form file) do not do
File output job For jobs that compress, move, and copy files, you can individually specify output destinations in the job function. (Specified file) -
export The information exported on the import/export screen is output to the export folder. *.zip
do not do
log Outputs log information at system operation. system.log
do not do
1. When the application is stopped, it can be deleted.(When deleting, JSP compilation processing is executed when that screen is displayed for the first time, so it takes time.)
2. The uploaded file is retained even if the data is deleted.It is possible to delete it by using deletion job of unreferenced file.
3. Simultaneously with the file name in the model, the actual path is recorded in the item "item name _jshfilename".If the file corresponding to the path described here does not exist, you can not refer to the file, but it will not cause abnormal operation.
4. Although it is possible to delete this file when the application is stopped, if you delete it, it will take time to launch the application because the index file will be recreated the next time the application is started up.
5. Deletion can not be performed even when the application is stopped.It will be recreated at the timing of importing the flow pattern model.

Applications can be restored (restored) by backing up wagbyapp/logs, export, upload_dir for backup purposes.(Other files are temporary files, so backup is not necessary.)

If you want to get a full backup of the application, you may want to back up the entire wagbyapp folder entirely.